Marcelo Batata Culinary Experiences

Peru is a unique, magic, marvelous and mysterious country and in the last years it has being recognized by world travelers as one of their favorite choices. That is why each year the amount of visitors has being increased as much as its reputation. The kindness of its people, the diversity of its touristic attractions and the richness of its gastronomy have made this possible.

Long time ago Erick and Jose Luis came together to do a proposal for high level cooking classes. Both are 100% Peruvian business men and they decided to take the image of Peruvian Gastronomy to the world trough educative, cultural and joyful cooking classes.

This allows you to have a Peruvian Gastronomy vision comparing with the rest of the world, with gastronomic historic information and with all our knowledge updated day to day. That is why we don’t compete about prices, we just want to offer the best of the culinary experiences in this beautiful country.

Jose Luis Lescano
Gerente General

Our Experiences 100% participatory and personalized

Marcelo Batata Culinary Adventures are true gastronomic experiences immersion, 100% participatory and personalized. Developed in a fun dynamic atmosphere, professional and where everyone can participate regardless of knowledge or previous experience cooking and always led by a specialist who will make this moment more than a cooking class a cultural moment.


Our Local and Interpretation Center “El Mercado”

We have a place exclusively designed for cooking classes. A company specializing in Piscos and a fully
equipped professional kitchen bar. also having our Interpretive Center “Market” that shows all products in
the local market of San Pedro but in a much more orderly, diverse, clean and safe proposal.

Our Chefs

Our chefs have over 30 years of combined experience in the culinary field of Peruvian cuisine that are reflected and supported by our successful restaurants: Marcelo Batata Cocina Peruana, Uchu Peruvian Steakhouse Contemporary Peruvian Cuisine and our new restaurant Tunta Tradition & Vanguardia.


Our products

Food and health of our passengers is not a game, as well as the reputation of Peruvian cuisine, so we strive to provide the best products and the highest quality.

Our Rates

Standing in Cusco transfers are not distant and often not required enabling us to offer better rates than culinary businesses located in the city of Lima and culinary experiences we offer has no point of comparison with that offered by other in the city of Cusco.