Rates 2018

09:00Private Cooking Class (Traditional or Andina)Spanish or English3 hrs2 to 12M-S130.00
10:00Group Cooking Class - SpanishSpanish2.5 hrs2 to 12M-S50.00
12:30Ceviche cooking class with beersBilingual Spanish/ English1 hr2 to 8M-S30.00
14:00Group Culinary Experience with PiscoEnglish4 hrs2 to 12M-S90.00
18:30Group Pisco Tasting and CockteleryEnglish1 hr2 to 12M-S30.00
17:30Culinary Tour with pearing - InglesIngles3 hrs2 to 8M-S68.00


  • It is obligatory to make a reservation via email at joseluis@cuzcodining.com where you will need to provide full names and name of the hotel where you are staying should we need to contact you.
  • Participants must come to our locale at Calle Palacio 135. We do not offer transfers or pickups.
  • For last minute reservations please contact us via telephone: 965384520.
  • We do not run classes on sundays.
  • Group cooking class for older than 15 yeard old.


  • The payment is ONLY CASH please. You can pay in soles or dollars. In case of dollars No damaged/old bills or one dollars bills
  • Rates in American Dollars.


The discount cards for those who have eaten in our restaurants only apply in the group cooking classes of English of 14:00 hrs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Cooking Classes

  1. Why don’t we visit local San Pedro Market?

    While San Pedro Market is an interesting point in Cusco it is not the most organized or cleanest nor is it as safe as we would prefer. This is why we take on the tast of providing all of what you would see at a local market in an enjoyable space that also saves us time for other activities during the class.

  2. Should I have lunch before this experience?

    No. Here you will be eating from beginning to end as one does not solely eat what they prepare but also what small bites our restaurant chefs surprise us with that day throughout the class.

  3. Is it a good idea to make a dinner reservation for the evening following my afternoon cooking class?

    NO. As with the previous answer, the idea here is to eat, eat, drink, drink, and eat again. You will leave feeling so satisfied that you won’t be able to eat more that day.

  4. Why is this class more expensive than the others?

    • We are not just a simple cooking class, we are an entire culinary experience
    • We provide/utilize first class produce and products
    • Our locale, with over 100 squared meters, is exclusively designed for this experience

In all honesty, your health and happiness don’t have a price. If you’re going to try the best cuisine in the world let it be with the best products, the best chefs, and in the best place.